October 8, 2007

Phillies Go the Way of the Cubs

The Phillies were the second team swept out of contention this weekend when the Rockies beat them 1-2. The team of the 10,000 losses just keeps on marching.

I’m pleased to see the Rockies win, but MLB and TBS have to be hating these short series. Don’t these teams know anything about advertising??

My favorite quote from the Phillies game wrap:

“It’s crazy, man,” added Romero. “I know I executed my pitches, but … that one out of the reach of Jayson, and [the hit past] Chase — I tip my hat. They put enough wood on the [ball]. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s unfortunate that we came up short. We showed a lot of character, and now we have to go home and watch the [Rockies] continue to play.”

It’s my favorite because of the words in square brackets, indicating that those words weren’t actually part of the quote. What did Romero call the team if not [Rockies]? Probably [them], but my imagination likes to wander.

1 comment to “Phillies Go the Way of the Cubs”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    I’d bet good money those square brackets represent expletives that were used by Romero, and subsequently cleaned up by the reporter, or an editor perhaps.

    As for the short series, they should just make the division series best-of-seven instead of best-of-five to begin with, and I’ve expressed that opinion before. MLB claims they don’t want to do that because the season’s already too long (Game 7 of the WS will be in November if the ALDS/NLDS and WS all go seven), but it only adds one or two more games at most. Play a couple doubleheaders in July to finish the regular season a few days sooner, and make the NLDS and ALDS best-of-seven.