October 8, 2007

Just When You Were Daring to Dream…

John Fay hits you with this one:

There’s been a lot of speculation nationally about the possibility of former St. Louis GM Walt Jocketty ending up with the Reds, given the that Reds CEO Bob Castellini was once a limited partner in St. Louis and he’s known to admire the work Jocketty did with the Cardinals.But it’s not going to happen.

“Wayne Krivsky is our GM. Period,” Castellini said Monday through a spokesman.

Krivsky has one year remaining on his contract. The Reds are 152-172 in his two years as GM.

Jocketty was dismissed after the season by the Cardinals.

I read the quote to my Crack Technical Staff, who responded:

Do you love me? Question mark. Please, please. Exclamation point. I want to hold you in parentheses.

When you look at the sentence, it’s just a statement of fact followed by a statement of punctuation. It doesn’t say anything about what the fact will be tomorrow.

Hope never dies.

5 comments to “Just When You Were Daring to Dream…”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    Didn’t he say something like this about Narron, a few weeks before he was fired?

    That said…I think Krivsky deserves to stay. He’s still putting his mark on the team. The Reds’ problem is pitching, and really, it’s hard to buy or trade for good pitching in today’s market. Even the deep-pocketed Yankees haven’t been able to do it. The only real solution is to grow your own, and Krivsky hasn’t been around long enough to do that.

    He is clearly trying, though. He fired all those minor league staffers, because there’s not enough talent on the farm. I don’t think he’d have been allowed to do that if he was on the way out.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Well, he *did* bring Bubba to town, I’ll give him that. 🙂

  3. Hamk says:

    Krivsky and bob had both stated that Narron was safe.

    I don’t think he has had enough time to work on the team. I did not like the fireings of griesser or Naehring. Not like they had a lot to work with but they had been winning in the minors. But of late they finaly hade something to work with and have produced Bailey, Bruce, Cueto and Votto or soon to. They were only here 7 years and came into a bad farm sisteem.

  4. KC2HMZ says:

    Kriv-Dawg has taken a lot of flak because of The Trade. The way things have worked out, with Bray being hurt and Majewski being hurt [i]and[/i] sucking the big caramel stick, has made that trade look a lot worse than it really was. Lopez and Kearns did not exactly look like Hall of Famers this year either. And in addition to Bray (who looked great at the end of the year when he finally got healthy again) there’s still another kid pitcher in the farm system that he got in that deal, too.

    But no matter how you sort out The Trade, Kriv-Dawg has made some good moves too. Getting Arroyo for Pena may not have been the steal we thought it was last year but it still was a win for Krivsky. Getting Burton in the Rule 5 draft looks like it was a steal. The guy he got when he traded Lohse (Matt Maloney) is better than the guy he traded away to get Lohse, and if it weren’t for Bailey he’d be the crown jewel of the kid pitchers right now. He locked up Harang and Arroyo, at the very least a solid #1 and #3 starter on the next good Reds team. He resigned Weathers. He brought in Phillips, Hatteberg, Keppinger, he stole Hamilton.

    Negatives? Well, Coffey was one of the few bright spots in 2006, you can hardly blame Krivsky for Coffey imploding this season. Saarloos didn’t work out (and is gone now – in fact Saarloos, Bellhorn, and Ellison all cleared waivers, refused an outright assignment and elected free agency today), Santos didn’t really work out. Stanton didn’t really work out. There are also several other guys Krivsky has brought in who the jury’s still out on, like Cantu, Gonzalez, Lopez, Cumberland, etc. David Ross too – is the real Ross the 2006 version, the 2007 version or (more likely) somewhere in between?

    I guess what I’m getting at here is, Kriv-Dawg hasn’t batted 1.000 but what GM does? Even Jocketty had a go at Womack after the Reds cut him loose, and while Josh Hancock worked out well in the short term, in the long run it was a fatal mistake, literally, and I don’t mean that as an attempt to be funny about it. He erred letting 3/5 of their starting rotation walk after 2006. He signed Adam Kennedy to a three-year contract. No GM is going to be right every time. Period. 😎

    I’d go on listing more of Jocketty’s mistakes, but I gotta get off the net now and make a phone call. Bottom line – there is nothing Wayne Krivsky has done that warrants firing him after only two years on the job.


  5. smartelf says:

    Yea Krivsky has made a lot of good moves… Christ, Phillips alone was a brialliant signing, and he did so much more than that. He inherited a terrible team and we are much less terrible currently and in the future. Kriv-dawg certainly deserves the remainder of his contract. Whether it gets renewed or not should probably depend on the Reds 08 season.

    His one glaring failing is the bullpen. Majewski is the ultimate goat in that regard. Bray was a future prospect, but it was Majewski who was supposed to step immediately in as the set up guy and he killed this team time and time again. he may have personally cost us the playoffs last season (along with Franklin) and the way they let him continuously implode this year was a glaring sign of how desperate they were to make this trade look more tolerable… they really thought Majewski was gonna somehow “find the stroke” and hit stride and make us believers. The guy is a bum… everytime I watched him he was a bum.. He got bailed out a bunch of times and his #s are still god-awful and yet they kept plugging him in, insulting our baseball intelligence. I cannot really forgive Kriv-dawg for that, but if we make the playoffs next season I can probably let it go.