November 6, 2007

Gold Glove Awards Announced

And Brandon Phillips isn’t one of them, which is all you really need to know.

American League
C – Ivan Rodriguez
1B – Kevin Youkilis
2B – Placido Polanco
3B – Adrian Beltre
SS – Orlando Cabrera
OF – Grady Sizemore
OF – Torii Hunter
OF – Ichiro Suzuki
P – Johan Santana

National League
C – Russell Martin
1B – Derrek Lee
2B – Orlando Hudson
3B – David Wright
SS – Jimmy Rollins
OF – Carlos Beltran
OF – Andruw Jones
OF – Jeff Francouer
OF – Aaron Rowand
P – Greg Maddux

(Via the Fanhouse)

Is it really likely that Greg Maddux is still the best fielding pitcher in the NL? I don’t think so, but neither can I come up with a better fielding pitcher, and apparently neither could anyone else.

Jimmy Rollins is the one pick I can get behind, but I’ve been unfairly biased toward J-Roll since I heard him rap on Oh Say Can You Sing? lo these many years ago.


4 comments to “Gold Glove Awards Announced”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Here are the numbers if you extrapolate Hudson’s numbers to 156 games started (Hudson missed a month):

    Innings 1371 1365
    T.Chances 782 756
    Put Outs 341 297
    Assists 433 446
    Errors 8 11
    DPlays 113 110

    Then again, was there ever really any question about the GG after Rafael Palmeiro won the 1999 AL award at first base, despite playing 135 games as a DH?

    Definitely a bunch of hooey.

  2. Richard Burg says:

    Phillips should have won it hands down! No doubt about it and I’m in Atlanta. He is a joy to watch. He plays the game with joy and verve. I’m envious of the Reds. If they play it right they will have this SuperStar for years to come.

    Think he’s good at second… should see him play short!

  3. KC2HMZ says:

    FWIW, I live near Buffalo and saw Phillips play here for four years at Class-AAA, mostly at SS, and I think he’s a better 2B than a SS.


  4. Imjengrl says:

    I think that the coaches and managers that voted for the gold glove are blind and insane as well. The Gold Glove should go to the most outstanding player at each position. Brandon Phillips deserved the award instead of Hudson. It should not be a popularity contest from one year to the next. I think the voters just took the lazy way out.Apparently, they did not want to be bothered with looking at stats.