April 16, 2008

Brewers (Game 13): 1, Cardinals (Game 14): 6



Well, that settles that. I guess we can call off the season now.

In the first battle for first place of the season, the Cardinals (10-4) easily handled the Brewers (8-5). Apparently, the key to defeating the Brewers is to walk Prince Fielder every time.

Who knew Braden Looper (3-0) was so mighty? He’s looking like Cy Young right now with his 2.70 ERA. Way to go Cardinals. Ride that unexpected goodness as long as you can. Dave Bush (0-3) got the loss for the Brewers, although he did turn in a quality start. It doesn’t help much when your team scores only one run.

The two play again today. Hopefully Milwaukee will win so that the final game of the series will be another first place battle. Gametime is 7:15pm CDT. Carlos Villanueva versus Adam Wainwright.

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