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April 25, 2008

Cubs 2, Rockies 4: Now Let’s Get to 10,000 Losses



A day after getting their 10,000th win, the Cubs (15-7) embarked on the quest for 10,000 losses, and the Rockies (10-12) were happy to help.

I was shocked to see that the Cubs have a winning record despite not having won much of significance over the years. Still, it’s a shame that the Phillies are so lonesome, and I know the Cubs will join them in a few years.

The Cubs continue to defy all sense of propriety with their rotation as Jason Marquis pitched well again. Kevin Hart (2-1) got the loss, but it was really the lack of offense that killed the Cubs. Aaron Cook (3-1) got the win with Brian Fuentes (S 1) getting the save.

The Cubs’ search for their next loss happens tonight at Nationals Park when Ryan Dempster battles Odalis Perez at 7:35pm EDT.

April 25, 2008

Cardinals 6, Pirates 2: How Many Pitches Does It Take



The Cardinals (14-9) stopped their losing streak thanks to the Pirates (9-13) sending out an obviously injured Tom Gorzelanny (1-3). The team is without Dave Littlefield, but they don’t seem to have gained much knowledge about how to deal with pitchers if the response from Pirates bloggers is any indication.

Joel Pineiro (1-2) pitched his first good game since returning from the DL, going 7 innings and allowing only 1 run. Of course, it was against the lowly Pirates, but I bet he can use it as a confidence booster nonetheless.

The Cardinals return home to host the Astros tonight at 8:15pm EDT sending Braden Looper against Shawn Chacon. The Pirates host the Phillies in a matchup that sees Adam Eaton against Zach Duke at 7:05pm EDT.

April 25, 2008

Astros 5, Reds 3: Short Broom



The Astros (11-12) swept the Reds (9-14) in their short two-game series. The win gave Houston a five-game winning streak and moved them to one game below .500.

The Reds continue to find ways to suck. This time, it was rookie phenom Johnny Cueto (1-2). Well, it’s probably harsh to say that he sucked, but he did allow 5 runs in 7 innings, while striking out only 2.

Not that the Reds had much chance of preventing the Astros from scoring, regardless of the pitcher. Lance Berkman owns Great American Ballpark, and a home run and three RBI to his impressive totals there.

Jack Cassel (1-0) got the win, starting in place of an injured Wandy Rodriguez, and Jose Valverde (S 3) got a routine save.

Houston moves to St. Louis where they’ll send out Shawn Chacon to battle Braden Looper at 8:15pm EDT. Meanwhile the Reds take a short plane ride to San Francisco where Aaron Harang starts against Jonathan Sanchez at 10:15pm EDT.