April 25, 2008

Cubs 2, Rockies 4: Now Let’s Get to 10,000 Losses



A day after getting their 10,000th win, the Cubs (15-7) embarked on the quest for 10,000 losses, and the Rockies (10-12) were happy to help.

I was shocked to see that the Cubs have a winning record despite not having won much of significance over the years. Still, it’s a shame that the Phillies are so lonesome, and I know the Cubs will join them in a few years.

The Cubs continue to defy all sense of propriety with their rotation as Jason Marquis pitched well again. Kevin Hart (2-1) got the loss, but it was really the lack of offense that killed the Cubs. Aaron Cook (3-1) got the win with Brian Fuentes (S 1) getting the save.

The Cubs’ search for their next loss happens tonight at Nationals Park when Ryan Dempster battles Odalis Perez at 7:35pm EDT.

2 comments to “Cubs 2, Rockies 4: Now Let’s Get to 10,000 Losses”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    The Louisville Bats lost a heartbreaker tonight.

    In the 13th inning, Gary Majewski gave up the winning run…to Little Rey Rey.

    Ray Olmedo was the White Castle K-man for the night. He had actually only struck out two times in 66 at-bats this season. He doubled that in this game. And was 0 for 4 when he came to the plate in the 13th. But he got an RBI single off Majewski when it counted.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Awwwww. That’s awesome.