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April 17, 2008

Reds 3, Cubs 12: Dusty’s Rude Awakening Continues



Yes, I know the final game of this series has already finished as I type this, but I feel compelled to document the Reds (6-9) continued suckage.

The Cubs (9-5) defeated the Reds handily, basically ending the game after they batted in the first inning and score 4 runs off of Josh Fogg (1-2). Somehow, Fogg pitched a scoreless second before completely imploding in the third (5 earned runs with no outs recorded). My guess is that the Cubs wore themselves out in the first and needed a rest before their second wind.

Carlos Zambrano (2-1) pitched 7 innings for the win. I think Zambrano wouldn’t have lasted that long, but Dusty’s “Swing first, see if it was a strike later” approach to batting is beginning to take hold with the Reds.

With Fogg ineffective again, it’s easy to look at AAA where Matt Belisle and Homer Bailey are both pitching lights-out ball. Is a change coming? After the game, Baker had this little gem of wisdom to share about possible changes to the team’s roster:

It’s a very interesting situation.

Dusty Baker, ladies and gentlemen.

The two teams finished their series this afternoon. Edinson Volquez started against Ted Lilly.

Spoiler alert: the Reds won!

April 17, 2008

Houston Game 15: Roy Gets a Win



For those Astros (6-9) fans who were teetering on the ledge because of their team’s poor start, last night’s game should offer some solace. Roy Oswalt (1-3) didn’t suck!

RoyO was pretty good, actually, leading his team to a 2-1 win over the Phillies (7-8) and Kyle Kendrick (1-2).

Interestingly, it wasn’t the waste of roster space struggling Jose Valverde brought on to get the save. I think he has his nose in the corner after royally blowing a save earlier this week. No, it was Doug Brocail (S 1). It’ll be interesting to see how long Valverde’s after-school suspension lasts.

The two teams finish their series today with Brandon Backe going against Brett Myers.

April 17, 2008

Brewers (Game 14) 4, Cardinals (Game 15) 5



So this first battle for first place in the NL Central this year was pretty much dead on arrival, and not in the way I expected.

While the Cubs are busy trying to sweep the Reds, the Brewers (8-6) thought it would be a great time lie down for the Cardinals (11-4).

Adam Wainwright (2-1) continues to impress. Oscar Villanueva (1-2) doesn’t. Jason Isringhausen (S 6) got his sixth save, in thrilling fashion! Of course, the thrill was all self-created as he allowed two runs in the 9th to make an easy save look closer. But like so many other ninth-inning specialists, that is typical.

The Cardinals bring the brooms to Busch today at 12:15pm CDT, as Manny Parra goes against Kyle Lohse.

April 17, 2008

Pirates (Game 15) 1, Dodgers 8



Along the same lines as the advice of “never start a land war in Asia” is the lesser known “Never spot Brad Penny a 4 run lead”. The Pirates (7-8) succeeded in not doing the former, but failed at the latter. And for good measure, they let the Dodgers (7-8) add on two more in the second.

Brad Penny (2-2) got the win, with Paul Maholm (0-2) getting shelled in the loss. The lone bright spot for the Pirates might have been that Nate McLouth got another hit, extending his hitting streak to 15 games.

The Pirates take Thursday off to travel to Chicago where they’ll face the Cubs on Friday at 2:20pm CDT. Ian Snell will go against Rich Hill.