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May 30, 2008

Braves 8, Brewers 1: Floundering Along

Braves (29-25)0010500028120
Brewers (26-28)000010000161
W: Jorge Campillo (2-0) L: Seth McClung (2-2)


The Brewers continue to have problems reaching .500, let alone moving past it. Manager Ned Yost has been with the team for 6 years now, and I have to think that his seat is warming up. (Not that the injuries to their pitching staff are his fault. The loss of Torrealba was significant.)

In a game that was close until the 5th, Milwaukee mustered only 6 hits and 1 run, and that on a solo shot by Russell Branyan. I was surprised to see his name pop up. Branyan had a homer, a strikeout, and two walks on the day, so it’s nice to see he’s still his same old Three True Outcomes self.

The Brewers next host the Astros tonight at 8:05pm EDT, hoping to gain some Central ground with Manny Parra starting against Brandon Backe.

May 30, 2008

Astros 2, Cardinals 3: Franklin Gets the Save

Astros (30-25)000000101260
Cardinals (32-23)20000100-350
W: Kyle Lohse (5-2) L: Roy Oswalt (4-5) S: Ryan Franklin (4)


More often than not, Roy Oswalt has struggled this year. So much so, that he was given plenty of time off for this start against the Cardinals. He was better. In fact, he ended up in a pitching duel with Kyle Lohse.

Ultimately, Lohse won, thanks to a bit more offense and the power of ex-Reds in the bullpen. Ron Villone and Ryan Franklin both pitched in relief, with Franklin getting his fourth save. Amazing to see how he’s excelled in relief with St. Louis. It makes me shake me head in wonder.

The Astros travel to Milwaukee and send Brandon Backe against Manny Parra at 8:05pm EDT. Meanwhile, the Cardinals stay at home to host the Pirates, with Zach Duke starting against Todd Wellemeyer at 8:15pm EDT.

May 29, 2008

Pirates 1, Reds 9: Bruce Sucks, Makes Outs

Pirates (24-28)010000000130
Reds (25-28)60010110-9121
W: Brnson Arroyo (4-4) L: Tom Gorzelanny (4-5)


Dusty Baker showed that he continues to favor Corey Patterson when he started him over Jay Bruce last night. It’s–wait, Patterson was sent to AAA? And Bruce started?

Surely, Bruce plummeted to earth after his impossible to live up to first major league start of his career. I mean, no one–oh, he went 1 for 3 with 2 walks. I see. But he made two outs! Aha! That’s fallibility if ever I saw it!

So the Pirates finally managed to record an out against Jay Bruce last night, proving that he is slightly human. It took them a long time to record three against the Reds in the first inning, though, not accomplishing that feat until two pitchers had been used and 6 runs had scored. Even with Bronson Arroyo pitching on short rest, the Pirates didn’t have much of a chance after that.

The new-look, starting-to-make-sensible-choices Reds won, wresting fifth place from Pittsburgh, thanks to Arroyo, the ex-Pirate. Tonight, an ex-Red tries to grab fifth place back when Phil Dumatrait faces Aaron Harang at 7:10pm EDT.

May 29, 2008

Dodgers 1, Cubs 2: Felt It Coming On

Dodger (26-26)0001000000170
Cubs (32-21)0000000011271
W: Bob Howry (1-2) L: Chan Ho Park (1-1)


When Takashi Saito took the mound in the 9th with a one-run lead for the Dodgers, I could tell it wouldn’t last. There was that feeling in the air. Well, that and the heart of the Cubs lineup coming up.

Sure enough, the Cubs loaded the bases and scored on a sacrifice fly, setting up the dramatic walk-off win and the laurel of hero for the much-maligned Alfonso Soriano. Now he gets to be a hero for a day, until the next time he drops a fly ball.

Having swept the Dodgers, the Cubs now host the Rockies tonight at 8:05pm EDT. Jeff Francis and Jason Marquis are the starters.

May 29, 2008

Astros 1, Cardinals 6: The Wagonmaker Keeps Pace with the Cubs

Astros (30-24)010000000141
Cardinals (31-23)30021000-681
W: Adam Wainwright (5-2) L: Wandy Rodriguez (1-1)


Adam Wainwright dominated the Astros last night, allowing three hits and one run in 8 innings. Oh yeah, and he fanned eight Astros. Should Chris Carpenter ever return, he and Wainwright would make a dynamite one-two punch for St. Louis. Of course, that’s very similar to Chicago’s refrain over last few years.

Benjie Molina and Cesar Izturis drove in the bulk of the Cardinals runs, while the Astros lone run came from a Ty Wiggington solo shot. Whenever Izturis has a good game, it seems to spell doom for whoever’s facing the Cardinals. If only he had them more than once every month or so.

Roy Oswalt, starting off 6 days rest, hopes to get things figured out tonight at 8:15pm EDT when he starts against Kyle Lohse.