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May 5, 2008

Reds 7, Braves 14: Good News and Bad News



I imagine you’ll want the bad news first. Well, the Reds (12-20) lost their 5th in a row, having their score doubled by the Braves (15-15) despite having seven runners cross the board.

The good news? I lied. There wasn’t any good news. Such is the sad state of the 2008 Cincinnati Reds.

Bronson Arroyo (1-4) failed to follow up his first good start of the year, instead turning in the shortest of his career. It was painful. Tom Glavine was pretty awful, too, failing to keep the giant lead for his team. Royce Ring (1-0), a second-rate Silver Age superhero name if I ever I heard one, got the win.

The Reds play has been so bad that I don’t even find the usual bitter rantings of Marty on the radio to be annoying or even inaccurate. When he said this after the home run that knocked Arroyo out of the game, “They may never win another game,” I nodded my head in agreement.

Sure the team’s underperforming, but the Reds are a bad team with a bad bench, inconsistent starting pitching, and a non-existent offense. The silver lining might be the fact that the bullpen’s better than last year. So far.

The Reds host the Cubs tonight at 7:10pm EDT. Ryan Dempster pitches against Johnny Cueto.