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May 26, 2008

Bruce Almighty

According to John Fay, Jay Bruce has finally gotten the call.

Jay Bruce will be promoted to the Reds tomorrow. The corresponding roster to move will be announced then.

Any guesses on the roster move? I’m thinking it might be the LLM. He’s the third catcher, and the third lefty first baseman…which makes him the fifth wheel.

May 26, 2008

Padres 12, Reds 9 (OT): Let’s Play Two!

Reds (23-28)0001302010200000009212
Padres (19-33)03011001102000000312181
W: Josh Banks (1-0) L: Edinson Volquez (7-2)


Wow! What a wonderful, terrible game that was!

The Reds lost, of course, which was really the only outcome I could see once Cincinnati blew its third save in the 11th. I just figured the loss would go to Aaron Harang, seeing as the team hadn’t scored any runs during that time.

But no, the loss went to Edinson Volquez, one he really didn’t deserve. How can he get the loss when Corey Patterson made three whole innings worth of outs? (Bronson Arroyo pinch-hit and got a single, so if he’d been playing instead of C-Pat, the Reds would have won.) Heck, even Edwin Encarnacion made 8. Sigh.

The only bright spot was that the runs Volquez allowed were unearned thanks to an error by Joey Votto, so Volquez’s awesome ERA continues to lead the league.

The Reds try to figure out what the heck to do to reassemble their pitching staff during their off day. Thankfully, the scheduled starter against the Pirates on Tuesday is the only one who didn’t appear in the long game. Beyond that, I have a feeling Matt Belisle will be sent down for a fresh arm. We’ll see.

The Reds have until 7:10pm EDT on Tuesday to figure things out. That’s when the Pirates and Ian Snell will see if they can’t lower Corey Patterson’s not-out percentage even further.

May 26, 2008

Cardinals 3, Dodgers 4 (OT): Missing an Opportunity

Cardinals (30-22)1000010000371
Dodgers (26-23)1001010001491
W: Takashi Saito (3-1) L: Mike Parisi (0-1)


The Cardinals lost out on reclaiming first place entirely for themselves when they fell to the Dodgers in extra innings.

Todd Wellemeyer turned in another solid start, and the bullpen pitched scoreless baseball until the 10th. Unfortunately, the offense never could get anything going, so the team lost and had to settle for being tied with the hated Cubs.

The Cardinals return home to host the Astros after taking Memorial Day off. Shawn Chacon will battle Braden Looper at 8:15pm EDT.

May 26, 2008

Phillies 15, Astros 6: A Minor Setback

Phillies (28-24)02110560015160
Astros (29-23)3021000006100
W: Rudy Seanaz (3-3) L: Fernando Nieve (0-1)


After scoring 15 runs after 7 innings (5 in the sixth and 6 in the seventh), the Phillies obviously were tired. How else do you explain them being blanked for the final two frames?

It was an ugly day at Minute Maid for the Astros pitching corps. Chris Sampson was bad, but not nearly as bad as losing pitcher Fernando Nieve, who came in with a two-run lead in the 6th and left after recording no outs and turning that lead into a two-run deficit. A well-deserved loss, any way you look at it.

The Astros have been playing well, this game notwithstanding. They currently are in third place, one game behind the Cardinals and Cubs. After a day off, they travel to St. Louis to try and change all that. Shawn Chacon will start against Braden Looper tomorrow at 8:15pm EDT.

May 26, 2008

Brewers 6, Nationals 7: Continuing to Struggle

Brewers (23-27)0000060006120
Nationals (22-29)100320001780
W: Jon Rauch (3-1) L: Guillermo Mota (1-3)


The Brewers continue to struggle, although this time they managed to keep the number of runners stranded in the single digits. But then, when you score six runs, losing isn’t something that usually happens.

Unfortunately, the Brewers had an inconsistent Manny Parra starting. And yesterday, he was the bad kind of inconsistent, allowing 6 runs in less than 5 innings pitched.

The Brewers expect better results today when they send Ben Sheets against Jason Bergmann at 1:35pm EDT.