May 26, 2008

Padres 12, Reds 9 (OT): Let’s Play Two!

Reds (23-28)0001302010200000009212
Padres (19-33)03011001102000000312181
W: Josh Banks (1-0) L: Edinson Volquez (7-2)


Wow! What a wonderful, terrible game that was!

The Reds lost, of course, which was really the only outcome I could see once Cincinnati blew its third save in the 11th. I just figured the loss would go to Aaron Harang, seeing as the team hadn’t scored any runs during that time.

But no, the loss went to Edinson Volquez, one he really didn’t deserve. How can he get the loss when Corey Patterson made three whole innings worth of outs? (Bronson Arroyo pinch-hit and got a single, so if he’d been playing instead of C-Pat, the Reds would have won.) Heck, even Edwin Encarnacion made 8. Sigh.

The only bright spot was that the runs Volquez allowed were unearned thanks to an error by Joey Votto, so Volquez’s awesome ERA continues to lead the league.

The Reds try to figure out what the heck to do to reassemble their pitching staff during their off day. Thankfully, the scheduled starter against the Pirates on Tuesday is the only one who didn’t appear in the long game. Beyond that, I have a feeling Matt Belisle will be sent down for a fresh arm. We’ll see.

The Reds have until 7:10pm EDT on Tuesday to figure things out. That’s when the Pirates and Ian Snell will see if they can’t lower Corey Patterson’s not-out percentage even further.

1 comment to “Padres 12, Reds 9 (OT): Let’s Play Two!”

  1. Brian says:

    And why wouldn’t Dusty walk the bases loaded in 18th. Another lapse of coaching judgement.