May 29, 2008

Pirates 1, Reds 9: Bruce Sucks, Makes Outs

Pirates (24-28)010000000130
Reds (25-28)60010110-9121
W: Brnson Arroyo (4-4) L: Tom Gorzelanny (4-5)


Dusty Baker showed that he continues to favor Corey Patterson when he started him over Jay Bruce last night. It’s–wait, Patterson was sent to AAA? And Bruce started?

Surely, Bruce plummeted to earth after his impossible to live up to first major league start of his career. I mean, no one–oh, he went 1 for 3 with 2 walks. I see. But he made two outs! Aha! That’s fallibility if ever I saw it!

So the Pirates finally managed to record an out against Jay Bruce last night, proving that he is slightly human. It took them a long time to record three against the Reds in the first inning, though, not accomplishing that feat until two pitchers had been used and 6 runs had scored. Even with Bronson Arroyo pitching on short rest, the Pirates didn’t have much of a chance after that.

The new-look, starting-to-make-sensible-choices Reds won, wresting fifth place from Pittsburgh, thanks to Arroyo, the ex-Pirate. Tonight, an ex-Red tries to grab fifth place back when Phil Dumatrait faces Aaron Harang at 7:10pm EDT.

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