April 17, 2008

Pirates (Game 15) 1, Dodgers 8



Along the same lines as the advice of “never start a land war in Asia” is the lesser known “Never spot Brad Penny a 4 run lead”. The Pirates (7-8) succeeded in not doing the former, but failed at the latter. And for good measure, they let the Dodgers (7-8) add on two more in the second.

Brad Penny (2-2) got the win, with Paul Maholm (0-2) getting shelled in the loss. The lone bright spot for the Pirates might have been that Nate McLouth got another hit, extending his hitting streak to 15 games.

The Pirates take Thursday off to travel to Chicago where they’ll face the Cubs on Friday at 2:20pm CDT. Ian Snell will go against Rich Hill.

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