April 18, 2008

Reds 8, Cubs 2: Even Dusty’s Not Perfect



I meant to post this morning, but work got in the way. How dare what gives me the ability to write these meaningless jibber-jabbers in my spare time interfere with my…spare time. Um, anyway.

The Reds (7-9) proved that even Dusty Baker isn’t a perfect loser as they beat the Cubs (9-6) behind another impressive performance from young Edinson Volquez (2-0). Volquez has now allowed two runs. For the year. Not a bad start.

I was concerned when Volquez was hitting for himself in the bottom of the 5th with his pitch count well north of 100. But the bullpen took over in the 6th. Either Baker has learned a lesson from one of his many mistakes in Chicago, or upper management has a tight control on the number of pitches the young guys can throw. Time will tell.

Ted Lilly (0-3) sucked again, continuing to do nothing to make me think that his last year wasn’t a fluke of a career year performance. He needs to turn things around for the Cubs to contend this year.

The Cubs start a series with the Pirates next, while the Reds entertain Milwaukee.

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