April 23, 2008

Dodgers 1, Reds 8: Hairston Had the Bats; Who Knew?



The Reds (9-12) rocked the Dodgers (8-12) last night.

Edinson Volquez (3-0) is putting together a nice Cy Young type season so far. Seven strikeouts and one run in seven innings to get the win. Hong-Chih Kuo (0-1) got the loss for the Dodgers.

Despite Volquez’s continued awesomeness, he wasn’t the biggest story from the game. I mean, we expect that from him. No, the real surprise was the Reds offense. It showed up! Apparently, Jerry Hairston, Jr. had been hoarding it down in Louisville. Adam Dunn and Brandon Phillips both homered, while Hairston drove in 3 of his own to let the Reds win easily.

Of course, if I know the Reds, and I do, then this eight-run barrage will probably be a one-time occurrence. We’ll see today when Chris Sampson and the Astros come to town to face Bronson Arroyo at 7:10pm EDT.

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