April 24, 2008

Cubs 7, Rockies 6 (OT): So Close to a Loss



I’ll admit, I was happy when I saw that 5-spot appear in the sixth inning for the Rockies (9-12). The Cubs (15-6) are the hottest team in baseball right now, and having atrocious pitching for an inning isn’t something that will stop them.

The offense is kicking butt right now. It won’t last; it never does, but they’re unstoppable right now. Once Aramis Ramirez hit the two-run home run in the ninth, there was no doubt that the Cubs would win. Even when Kerry Wood (1-0) blew the save. He was obviously angling for the vulture win. And to show the world that Carlos Marmol (S 2) is way better at that closing thing than him anyway.

Can Jason Marquis keep the awesomeness going? He starts today for the Cubs, going against Aaron Cook at 3:05pm EDT.

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