April 29, 2008

April Standings Update

Life and work have been a bit busy for game wraps the last few days, so why don’t we take a look at the standings since the weekend?

The Cubbies continue reside in first place, although they have definitely cooled off from the awesome hot streak that swept them into first. I mean, they lost a series to the Nationals. That’s gotta hurt. And all that without the hoppy Alfonso Soriano. He’ll be coming off the DL soon, so it should be interesting to see if he helps or hurts the team. If he continues to insist on his ridiculous idea of leading off, it’ll hurt.

The Cardinals are holding onto second place, despite losing to the Reds last night. (Even a blind squirrel like Bronson Arroyo can find a nut once in a while.) They did take a series from Houston over the weekend to continue their surprising start. Odds are good they’re winning ways will continue against the Reds, despite the opening game’s result. The Cardinals just win, and the Reds, and Dusty Baker, don’t.

In third place are the Brewers. They’re struggling along right now, losing their weekend series to the Marlins. However, Mike Cameron’s back from his drug suspension, so things should be looking up. Plus, they play the Cubs starting today, which provides ample opportunity to change their fortune.

The Astros and the Reds are tied for fourth place. The Astros got their thanks to a 6-game winning streak last week, including a sweep of the Reds, although they faltered against the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks. The Reds have a modest 3-game winning streak that’s lifted them from last place. Way to ride that general manager firing!

Bringing up the rear, of course, are the Pirates. They made big news by releasing former Cardinal Matt Morris at the end of last week. The team continues to lose a lot and abuse the good pitchers they do have. There really aren’t any better options than Morris in the minors for Pittsburgh, so I don’t know that the move will actually improve things. It’s looking like a 100-loss year is possible.

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