April 29, 2008

Reds @ Cards: the Revenge of Cueto

Holy crap, did Arroyo really get his first win last night? It’s like we slipped into an alternate dimension or something.

Wait, this is supposed to be smack talk about the Cardinals. Allow me to start over:

Holy crap, are the Cardinals really trying to pass of Chris Duncan as an outfielder? What would the ghost of Jim Edmonds say?

Your Cincinnati Reds
Corey Patterson
Jeff Keppinger
Ken Griffey, Jr
Brandon Phillips
Adam Dunn
Edwin Encarnacion
Joey Votto
Paul Bako
Johnny Cueto

Their St. Louis Cardinals

77 comments to “Reds @ Cards: the Revenge of Cueto”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    I think we at Red Hot Mama should send a shout out to Pujols for his 9 stranded baserunners. If he were hitting, this game would be 0-20.

  2. Wait a second. Pujols has gotten on base every game this season. Except for this one…so far.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Maybe he thinks it would be overkill. Pujols seems like the type who wouldn’t want to pile on.

  4. By the way, LaRue is AWESOME. I love his mullet and Fu Manchu. Thank you for him.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sigh. I miss LaRue. David Ross lacks the country charm.

    Oh! That reminds me: I haven’t awarded a prize to the NLC’s Hottest Baller. I haven’t figured out what that prize should be. It seems like I can do better than a certificate.

    Any ideas?

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    Well, it’s official: The Reds are winning the division this year. Jeff Brantly said so.

  7. Hmmm…bronzed underpants? A gift certificate to the NL Central groupie bar of their choice?


  8. Other ideas…um…I’m drawing a blank.

  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    It was the Jason Romano Commemorative NLC’s Hottest Baller Competition: maybe I should send a framed photo of Romano.

    Who am I kidding? If I had a framed photo of him, I definitely wouldn’t be sending it to some guy.

    It just occurred to me to ask what to expect from Jocketty this year. Were you a fan when he was with St. Louis, Bellyscratcher?

  10. Boy, if anyone could screw up a Better Off Dead quote it’s Danny Mac.

  11. BubbaFan says:

    Is Josh Fogg pitching his way back into the rotation?

  12. BubbaFan says:

    Holy crap. I forgot Ron Villone made the Cardinals roster.

  13. I was a fan, for the most part. In the first half of his tenure he did a great job building contenders by trading mediocre minor leaguers (getting Edmonds, Rolen, Kile for not much). Then, after he depleted the minors and the players started to age we couldn’t rebuild “from within.” He kind of stopped listening to part of the front office because he didn’t like the owner’s stats guy. So, his trades started to decline (Mulder) and he oversaw some truly awful drafts. He’ll be great for the Reds for at least five years – if he doesn’t kill Dusty. You’ll get a contender, but be careful about the future price.

  14. Red Hot Mama says:

    Josh Fogg’s chances will be a lot better if Cueto has too many more starts like that.

  15. 28 straight games! Whoo!

  16. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ugh. Why is it so popular with some GMs to eschew stats entirely? It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing kind of a thing. They’re just denying themselves the power of one of their evaluatory tools.

    Still, it’ll be an interesting change of pace to see a GM who can get the most out of trades after so long with Wayne “The Trade” Krivsky. He really set a new standard for getting suckered in trades.

  17. Red Hot Mama says:

    Oh! It’s last round up time for the Reds. The game started going a lot faster once the Cards stopped scoring all the time. How considerate!

  18. Red Hot Mama says:

    Two away. Bedtime is nearly upon me.

  19. Red Hot Mama says:

    BP’s hit was only the Reds second hit on the night. Surely this is a sign that they’re about to score 8 runs before getting this last out.

    Go Dunner.

  20. BubbaFan says:

    Wow. It’s no longer a one-hitter!

  21. Red Hot Mama says:


    Suddenly the score of this game makes the game look closer than it really is.

    But it’s sort of Dunn’s rap, though: hitting homers when it doesn’t matter.

  22. Stupid Anthony Reyes. He’s not very good.

  23. Red Hot Mama says:

    All right, Edwin. No pressure, but it all depends on you to keep it going.

    Never mind.

  24. Red Hot Mama says:

    Congrats on a blow-out well-played, Ms. Scratcher. I’m happy to be going to sleep now.

  25. Red Hot Mama says:

    Good night ladies and anyone who’s lurking.

  26. Yes, bedtime. Day baseball tomorrow!

  27. BubbaFan says:

    At least we weren’t shut out. Night, all.