July 18, 2008

Pirates 3, Rockies 5: LaRoche Doubling Down Not Enough

Pirates (44-51)003000000351
Rockies (40-57)00020300-590
W: Jimenez (5-9) L: Maholm (6-6) S: Fuentes (15)


Adam LaRoche knocked in a pair of runs with a double to give the Pirates an early 3-run lead last night, but it wasn’t enough.

Paul Maholm could not hold the lead. Although perfect through the first 3 innings, things derailed quickly, and he ended up leaving the game after pitching 6 innings and allowing 5 runs on 8 hits.

So the Pirates, like the Reds, started the second half of 2008 like they have spent the vast majority of the last two decades: losing. However, I actually have a more positive feeling about the future of the Pirates than the Reds. I mean, the Pirates don’t have Dusty Baker.

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