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July 23, 2008

Episode 106: Knights 1, Indians 3 and Playing Hooky

Kinghts (49-56)001000000150
Indians (49-56)10000200-380
W: Hamman (1-1) L: Russell (3-1) S: Meek (1)


This week on the podcast, the CTS and I take the day off work to visit Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians took on the Charlotte Knights for a business person’s special. The background noise is all AAA ball, but the subject matter is all NLC.
Corey Hamman pitching
In addition to a minor sunburn, our seats on the third-base side gave us a great view of the Indians pitchers warming up in the bullpen.
Nyjer Morgan holding his bat
I imagine the CTS took this photo in direct response to me giving him a hard time about taking pictures of the Reds cheerleaders at the last game we went to.
The Knights scoring their only run
He’s safe!
Neil Walker takes a called strike
You can’t beat the up-close experience of a minor league ball park.