Daily Archives: July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008

Blogging in the inning that shouldn’t have been

The Red Hot 7-year old was scared tonight, as even non-red-hot children are known to be while lying in bed at night, so with one out in the top of the ninth inning with the Reds enjoying a one-run lead against the woeful Padres, I went to guard against the unidentified noises with the expectation that I’d miss the rest of the game.

What the heck should I find when I return but another freaking Cordero blown save. Is he hurt? He’s hurt, right? This can’t just be poor management or the realization that the team isn’t going anywhere this year. Give that man an MRI!

Listening to the commentary tonight, Chris Welsh expressed concern over the Reds trading David Weathers at this point, lest the team give the fans the message that they’ve given up on the season.

Really? I know that John Fay thinks the Reds still have a chance, but do most fans really think the Reds can achieve the minor miracle it would take to contend this season? THEY ARE 11 1/2 GAMES BACK.

On a completely different topic, yesterday I made my first-ever attempt at mountain-biking on an “intermediate” level bike trail near my house. I was not a natural. My first major crash occurred when my bike hit a tree root, causing me to hit the tree. The scrapes and bruises are gruesome, but thankfully, only on my right side. The CTS was making his second-ever attempt at mountain biking, after an initial attempt much like mine, but escaped yesterday’s ride without so much as a scratch, so I’m hopeful about next week.

Which is a common sentiment around Reds country these days. And I see the bottom of the inning that never should have happened is now over, with the Reds leaving the bases loaded to lose. Poo.