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July 24, 2008

Brewer 3, Cardinals 0: C.C. Sabathia? More Like C.G. Sabathia

Brewers (58-43)0000110013110
Cardinals (57-46)000000000030
W: Sabathia (10-8) L: Looper (9-8)


Apparently, C.C. Sabathia is rockin’ it old school. He tossed his third straight complete game yesterday to defeat the Cardinals. It’s his 6th complete game of the year and his 3rd complete game shut-out.

Sabathia’s been scary good since coming to the Brewers, and this most recent complete game was his best outing yet, as it took him only 106 pitches to clinch the series win against the Cardinals. Milwaukee has now won 7 in a row and are only 1 game behind the Cubs. This is shaping up to be one excellent race.

July 24, 2008

Padres 5, Reds 9: Javy Pwns Maddux

Padres (38-64)1000020115101
Reds (50-53)00001350-9131
W: Arroyo (9-7) L: Meredith (0-3) S: Cordero (21)


Javier Valentin continued his total world domination over Greg Maddux yesterday, collecting a home run off him en route to the Reds win of the game and the series.

Javy wasn’t the only hero, though. RHM and I were in the Victory Field stands in Indianapolis when I noticed the Reds had scored a bunch of runs, 4 to be exact. I pointed it out and said, “Who do you think is responsible for that?” “Dunner.” Right she was. Adam Dunn had a grand slam in 7th inning to provide the margin of victory.

Bronson Arroyo pitched well, allowing 3 runs in 7 innings with 7 strikeouts. And Francisco Cordero didn’t suck. Very much. He actually converted a save opportunity. Granted he need only one out with a 4 run lead and walked the first batter he faced, but he eventually got the out.

With the series over, I guess we’ve determined that the Reds are better than the Padres. Barely. Good to know where they stand.