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January 23, 2009

This Just In: Baker Clueless About Baseball

Dusty Baker, whom I will be proud to call the erstwhile manager of the Cincinnati Reds once his pathetic ass gets fired, has done it again. Baker opened his mouth and spewed forth a wonderful sentiment about Willy Taveras, the Reds new outfielder.

Dusty Baker said Willy Taveras will be the center fielder and leadoff man. “Everyone talks about his on-base percentage,” Baker said. “I like the way he gets in scoring position.”

Considering Taveras’ not-out percentage last year of 30%, the only logical interpretation of this quote is that Baker likes the way Taveras never gets in scoring position.

You show ’em, Dusty!

P.S. Dunn and Dunner has a nice take on the article this was taken from, as well.