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January 21, 2009

Time for the Annual “We Don’t Suck” Parade

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh about the Reds 2009 Caravan, but I haven’t been as disinterested in anything related to the Reds since the last strike. So I guess Dusty Baker is equal to the mid-90s strike in my mind. He’s like an atom bomb of suck.

Anyway, the Reds Caravan is this weekend and might be coming to a town near you. The team has done a great job of expanding this over the past few years. Now all they have to do is make the team not suck. Of course, with Dusty Baker at the helm, you know that’s impossible.

The premier attraction will be Brandon Phillips, no doubt wearing ear plugs on Marty “Adam Dunn killed my puppy” Brennaman’s bus. When I skimmed over the list of players, I was surprised at the lack of talented, recognizable players in attendance. And then I remembered, the Reds don’t really have any.

Sigh. It’s going to be a long 2009 baseball season.