May 3, 2010

The Daily Brief: Good Road Trip Ends

Last Game
In a game that the CTS found so exciting, it put him to sleep for the final 3 frames, the Reds lost the rubber game of the series with the Cardinals in shutout fashion, 6-0. Aaron Harang got the loss, but he had another solid start. Not his best, but not his worst. Of course, it would have taken more than his best against Chris Carpenter.

Next Game
The Reds return home from a good road trip, where they went 4-2. Tonight they’ll host the New York Mets, sending out Mike Leake against Oliver Perez. Perez has been murder on the Reds in the past; we’ll see if that holds up tonight at 7:10pm EDT.

Joey Votto is Awesome
Interested in finding out what’s going through the mind of Joey Votto as he stands at the plate, with his jaw clenched and his locked-in, piercing gaze at the pitcher? John Fay has the answers for you.

I spend all day preparing for each of them. It’s a culmination of all my focus throughout the day that goes into that minute and a half or however long I’m out there. I do my best to concentrate.

Others would do well to emulate him.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds are .500 at home (6-6) and 1 game under on the road (6-7).

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