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May 31, 2010

Vote Votto: Making Up for Lost Time

Vote VottoI know it’s hard to get pumped up to cast your 25 votes for Joey Votto today, or any of the Reds for that matter, with the kind of play we’ve seen on the field. In fact, I totally understand if you don’t do it today.

Just make sure you cast 50 tomorrow, when everything is sure to be looking up again 🙂

For me, it’s been a horribly overscheduled “holiday” weekend and I haven’t had time to vote since Friday. I’m using the missed-oral-contraceptive method to get back on track. For those of your who are dudes (shocking thought on a baseball site, I know) and not familiar, I’ll explain that if a woman taking oral contraceptives misses a pill, she’s supposed to take two pills the next night to catch up. If she misses two pills, she takes two the next two nights to catch up. If she misses more than three pills, she has to go celibate for the month.

Since I don’t think anyone wants that to happen, not missing more than three days is a high priority.

Remember, you get 25 votes per email address.


May 31, 2010

Game 52: Reds at Cardinals

Reds Lineup:

  • Cabrera, SS
  • Cairo, 1B
  • Phillips, 2B
  • Rolen, 3B
  • Gomes, LF
  • Bruce, RF
  • Stubbs, CF
  • Hernandez, C
  • Arroyo, P

Cardinals Lineup:

  • Lopez, SS
  • Ludwick, RF
  • Pujols, 1B
  • Holliday, LF
  • Freese, 3B
  • Rasmus, CF
  • Molina, C
  • Schumaker, 2B
  • Garcia, P

I’m inordinately sad to see Cairo in the line-up again. 🙁 I hope the rest of the team can cheer me up. Nick Lachey on the Cincinnati Bell commercial isn’t hurting, either.