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September 10, 2010

The Daily Brief: Hoping for a Fresh Start

Last Game
Despite surging to an early 5-0 lead, the Cincinnati Reds crumbled again yesterday, and ended up losing to the Colorado Rockies 6-5. And it was all on a straight steal of home. Nick Massett, in a moment he will relive for a long time whenever he closes his eyes, turned to face second instead of throwing home to allow the go-ahead run to score. It was bad. Worse, the Rockies swept the 4-game series, and the Reds have dropped 5 in a row. The Cardinals won, as well, shrinking the lead to 5 games.

Next Game
The Reds return home as the Pittsburgh Pirates arrive in Cincinnati. If one of the worst teams in baseball doesn’t restart the Reds winning ways, nothing will. Sounds like a perfect time for a fresh start to me. It’ll be Homer Bailey and Paul Maholm at 7:10pm EDT.

Reliving Votto’s Ankle Strike Again and Again and Again
During the wretched Colorado series, it seemed the Reds could never do anything to really hurt the Rockies. Well, there was one notable exception.

On Wednesday, Joey Votto stepped to the plate and hit a line drive up the middle that connected loudly with Aaron Cook’s fibula, fracturing it. Cook left the game and is unlikely to return before the playoffs begin, should the Rockies reach them.

If you missed the crack of the bat followed by the crack of the bone, a helpful internet denizen assembled it in video form for your viewing.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds currently lead the majors in the fewest number of fielding errors with 59. The team with the most? The Chicago Cubs with 115.