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November 8, 2012

Jay Bruce wins Silver Slugger

Jay Bruce at the plate.

Jay Bruce prepares to swing and hit a home run to tie the game.

Tonight, Reds’ right fielder Jay Bruce was one of three NL outfielders awarded the 2012 Silver Slugger award.

Though Bruce can go through some frustratingly long stretches where it seems like he can’t do anything but strike out (he had 155 Ks this year), those are more than overbalanced by the earth-rending tears he also goes on.

His 34 homers and 99 RBI are all the more impressive when you consider that they were compressed into about two weeks of play.

Well, that’s hyperbole, of course, but those two weeks he go the Player of the Week were nigh on unholy.

Congratulations to Bruce. Let’s make it a gold bat next year!