April 11, 2005

Freel, Wilson Still Sorry

ST. LOUIS, MO -- Cincinnati Reds utility-man Ryan Freel addressed the press and the public Monday night to apologize for stepping on a man's toes on a busy street in St. Louis late Monday afternoon.

“I just can't tell you how sorry I am,” Freel told reporters, “the street was busy and the crowd jostled me around, but that's no excuse. As a role model, I should be more fleet-footed.”

The man in the crowd could not be reached for comment, apparently having not noticed the alleged toe-stepping. This incident marks the third time in the young 2005 season that Freel has struck a penitent posture. Freel released a press release on Tuesday apologizing, without admitting wrong-doing, for his DUI arrest. He also expressed regret over a mistaken baserunning decision at Sunday's game against the Astros.

“It was one of those things where I made a mistake,” said Freel.

Freel went on to apologize for a slew of other things, including hitting into a double play, being left on base, not being six inches taller, wearing his pants too loose, talking back to his mother when he was little, jay-walking, leaving the toilet seat up, and cutting his hair too short.

“It really did look better longer,” he admitted.

At the end of the press conference, Paul Wilson made an appearance to take credit for both the Reds' loss in his no-decision against the Astros on Saturday as well as Milton's loss against the Astros on Sunday.

“I should have given up one run that inning, then gone out for the seventh, and we should have ended up winning, 3-1. Then [the Astros] wouldn't have felt so good about themselves coming in on Sunday and we would have ended up winning that one too, 15-1,” Wilson said.

One or more of the Reds is scheduled to apologize Tuesday night after the game against St. Louis.

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