April 19, 2005

Life & Style: The Exquisite Hair of Right Field

If you thought Austin Kearns' hair was fabulous when he showed up to spring training, or if you swooned over Wily Mo Peña's hair during his curtain call after his 498' homerun on Sunday, then you'll be excited to know that soon you or the man in your life can be using the same hair products as these coifed beauties.

“When I saw Austin's gorgeous hair, I just had to share his secret with all my clients,” said Mario Meschier, owner of the famous Escargot Salon in Cincinnati. “Later, I met Wily, and he was just as gorgeous in a completely different way. I had to have his secrets too.”

And what are their secrets? When asked to describe his recipe for fantastic locks, Kearns said with a coy shrug, “I wash it.” Asked to describe his lovely mane, Peña said, “My hair isn't six inches, but it is four, so it is close. So I'll have to let it grow two more inches to six.”

The product line, called Out of Right Field, will be Proctor & Gamble's first foray into the growing market of men's health and beauty products and is expected to hit shelves May 1.

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