April 20, 2005

Just Think What Might Happen If He Shaved His Eyebrows

It's a good thing that I don't make live posts during games, because the strings of expletives I'm liable to spew, especially when doofus umpires make bad calls again, would shock and horrify. When it comes to potty mouth, I do not exactly put the “lady” in “lady blogger.”

But since it all came out in the wash of a win, I'm willing to skip the aneurysm over the horrible call that resulted in Adam Dunn being called out for tagging up at third too early (as well as the secondary-but-just-as-infuriating refusal of the television announcers to come out and directly say that the ump was wrong, even though we could all see it in living color over and over again in the replays) and instead take solace in knowing that the scads of bad calls for the Reds so far this season are all adding up in their favor, baseball-karma-wise.

That was a long sentence. I need a moment to regroup. OK, better now. Let's hit the high points:

  • Paul Wilson spared himself the need for martyrdom by showing a lights-out side of himself that we aren't used to seeing. Next thing you know, he'll be smiling, and then what? All Hell could break loose!
  • Ryan Freel and Wily Mo Peña started in the outfield and Dunn started at first, which led to a much more natural and effective line-up, in my opinion. I understand that every single person in the greater Cincinnati area wants to bathe themselves in the gentle pool of light that constantly surrounds Sean Casey, but maybe they could do it in the dugout for the next few games while Dunner takes over at first to make some room in the outfield?
  • Peña and, of all people, Rich Aurilia were responsible for all of the Reds runs, with three RBI apiece on two homeruns apiece. Aurilia's sudden burst of productivity came after shaving his goatee, hence the title of this post.

It's nice for a lady to retire with no need for expletives. Let's hope we can keep it that way.

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