April 28, 2005

Baseball Stuff

Jason LaRueJason LaRue is the starting catcher for the Reds. Over the years I’ve watched, LaRue has provided many a thrilling moment by throwing out runners stealing second, though I hear his percentages in that area aren’t what they used to be. LaRue does a better-than-adequate job of calling games, and he can be counted on to manage the pitching staff.

The time he spent under the tutelage of Bob Boone seemed to have shaken his confidence in himself, but now I believe that he is bouncing back, stronger for the experience. If I were to choose a captain for this team, LaRue would be at the top of my list, because though he’s not as popular with the fans as Sean Casey, he is more even-tempered and baseball-focused, and I suspect that he has the deep and abiding respect of his teammates.

On the down-side, he lets more than the average number of pitches go past him. In his defense, however, LaRue has not exactly had the benefit of catching the most skilled pitchers in the league.

At the plate, LaRue is hit by pitches a lot, which can only help his on-base percentage, since, like most catchers, he’s only an average hitter.

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