February 25, 2006

Episode 3: Spring Training Drama

This week's podcast features one-liners about:

Red Hot Mama Reviews Reds News for February 25, 2006. (3.6 MB, 5:11)

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2 comments to “Episode 3: Spring Training Drama”

  1. Geki says:


    The nickname Latin Love Machine is spreading. In case they update…

    [i] I got a request in the feedback inbox (see, it works, use it) for more Reds-centric Dugouts, so here you go. I’m just sad that I couldn’t find a pun for “portmanteau word.”

    In regard to the second request that I change Valentin’s screenname to LatinLoveMachine in response to Internet dubbing of him as such, I have to sadly decline, because of my deep knowledge of Mexican professional wrestling and my inability to disassociate that nickname from the legendary Art Barr.

    Art Barr is, of course, where Andy Warhol used to hang out.


    Too bad it got turned down.