February 27, 2006

Still Waiting for the Chat Room to Load

The chat with Wayne Krivsky this afternoon got over 100 attendees at one point. Of course, that probably doesn't count all the people who, like me, spent their whole lunch hour staring at this screen.
Chat with Wayne Krivsky--still connecting an hour later.
I can only assume this had something to do with my company's firewall, Internet access privileges, or other security features. Nice of the applet not to mention that anything was wrong, though.

If it's someone good chatting next Monday, I guess I'll just have to quit my job. Or call in sick.

UPDATE: Duh, I forgot to link to the chat log.

UPDATEx2: Next week will be Mr. Adam Dunn. I think I'm getting feverish already.

2 comments to “Still Waiting for the Chat Room to Load”

  1. joeberk says:

    Let’s just hope it’s not Javier Valentin at any point in the future. Things might get fully out of hand if you can’t get into that chat…

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a Javy chat. Oh my, I think I’m getting a case of the vapors!