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July 26, 2006

Hatteberg Extended

Promoted from the Diaries. Love ya, HMZ.


The Reds signed Scott Hatteberg to a one-year, $1.65 million contract extension with a club option for 2008.

The official site says the terms of the contract were not disclosed; the terms that I've posted came from an article posted to an hour ago:

Reds sign 1B Hatteberg for 2007

According to the linked article, Hatteberg will earn $1.5 million next year; the option for 2008 is worth $1.85 million and includes a $150,000 buyout; and the 2008 club option iincreases to a $2 million base salary with a $175,000 buyout if he has 500 plate appearances next season. It also says that he will earn an additional fifty grand 500, 550 and 600 plate appearances each season.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled coverage of the Reds' quest for a 2006 playoff berth, already in progress.


July 26, 2006

Good Job, Arroyo

It's zero outs in the bottom of the fifth, and the Astros have already scored more runs this inning than they have the entirety of the rest of the season.

Narron has just now gotten action going in the bullpen.

Who else wants to gag?

July 26, 2006

Game 100: Reds 2, Astros 0

Before this game, I told my Crack Technical Staff that the Reds were facing the Astros and Clemens. “Easy,” he said. “They'll only need to score one.”

And he was right, though the Reds piled on a second run in this shutout that got Aaron Harang his eleventh win.

Harang pitched eight innings allowing zero runs on four hits and one walk. Todd Coffey came in in the ninth, prompting me to ask, half asleep on the couch, “where the hell is Guardado?” In fact, Eddie Guardado was unavailable with forearm stiffness. So when Coffey got himself in trouble two-thirds of the way through the ninth, it was Bill Bray who got the last out and his first major league save.

The Reds scored both of their runs off Clemens, which is just nice. Scott Hatteberg knocked in Adam Dunn in the first inning as part of his 3-for-4 night. Harang brought in the other run with a sacrifice bunt when he plated Brandon Phillips in the seventh inning. Harang was 1-for-2 on the night to bring his average to .178. Still .024 higher than Dewayne Wise who pinch-ran for Hatteberg in the ninth. Poor Wise. He has not found his stroke yet.

Anyway, the win brings the Reds' record to 53-47. They're attempting to take the series even as I type this, sending the sideshow that is Bronson Arroyo out to face Andy Pettitte.

July 24, 2006

The Padres Third Base Situation

According to the story Sellers' Rank Still Thin on, the Padres may be interested in Rich Aurilia to bolster third base. Boy-oh-boy is that unlikely! Unless they're willing to hand over a solid starting pitcher, I just don't see Jerry Narron giving Richie up. I mean, then who would play third?

The story also says they might be interested in the Pirates' Joe Randa. And here I thought I was being so clever when I said this two days ago.

July 24, 2006

RHM/RR Reds Game get together on 9/23

As you will all recall, RHM and JD are putting together a little get together at the Reds game on September 23rd versus the Cubs. They have asked me to coordinate the ticket purchase for that day, and given that this past Saturday's game featuring the pitching matchup of Joe Mays vs. David Bush had sold out, I think it makes sense to get organized now for a game on the last Saturday of the season against the Cubs.

The plan right now is to start gathering together around lunch time or so. We can grab a bite together and get to know each other before we head over to the Hall of Fame for a jaunt through Reds history. After that, we can head into the park to catch some BP, buy souvenir tee shirts, and hassle the last-place Cubs fans (they'll be in last place by then). Thirty minutes before game time is the Mascot Whiffle Ball game, an event that you will regret missing. Game time is 6:10pm, where we'll watch and cheer the Reds to a dominating victory, I'm sure. Afterwards, we'll find a place to drink some beers and listen to some great local music.

In order to encourage more people to join in, we will be buying $9 bleacher seats, but if Eric Milton is pitching we should have plenty opportunity for catching a home run. If you would like to add your name to the list, please do so in this thread. We'll be gathering names over the next week (until 7/31) and then I'm going to head down to the park to pick up the tickets. After we get a complete list of names, either RHM or myself will send you an email with details about how to get your tickets if you can't make it to the pregame activities and how we can exchange payment. I'd prefer to receive money before the game, if you don't mind.

I hope to see you all there!