May 30, 2007

A New Place to Talk Reds

If you've gotten tired of reading the same posts from the same people on your the message boards that you visit right now, there's a new one trying to make a place on the scene. I registered for Reds Talk today and am user #5.

Might be a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor and dominate the conversation someplace new. Maybe you can copy all of your RHM comments there.

6 comments to “A New Place to Talk Reds”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    (Gasp!) Post on another blog? And cheat on you, RHM? Nebber! 😎

    Welcome back to the information superhighway, and now that you and yours are all moved into your new home, I wish the best for all of you. Packing up and moving sucks the big caramel stick, but afterward I’ve always enjoyed unpacking and actually turning a new place into a home.

    Sounds like getting a bigger TV might be one of the first things you might do towards that end, even if you just grab a bigger portable from somebody’s yard sale. I had one of those tiny little TVs some time back. In fact, I think it’s still around somewhere, but I found that trying to watch a sporting event on it was an exercise in futility. Baseball, I couldn’t even tell who was pitching. Football was a little better, the numbers on the uniforms are a lot bigger and I could at least tell who the QB was, but is that the ball or just a fruit fly that landed on the screen? And I once watched a full period of hockey on it without ever quite knowing where the puck was.

    Worse yet, it was a black-and-white TV, so depending on what teams were playing and what color patterns were on their uniforms, I couldn’t necessarily even tell which grey blobs on the screen belonged to what team. Sometimes during a football game it would look like the QB threw the ball and a guy caught it (or did he just pump fake and that was the fruit fly the guy caught?), but I had to wait to see which way the guy who caught it started running before I knew if it was a completed pass or an interception.

    Fortunately, the sound worked great. If I watched a Reds game and at the end the announcers said the Reds won, I took their word for it.

    The day I spotted a 13″ color portable at a yard sale and paid $10 for it and brought it home, I got some idea of how the folks must have felt who attended the first sneak-preview screening of The Sound Of Music.

    Speaking of music – “This one belongs to the Reds” at the end of the game? Three times in a row now? Music to my ears!

    GO REDS!

  2. sweaver says:

    It’s not a blog, it’s a message board. Geez, learn the difference. :laugh:

    I am user #8, although I will give the cautionary note that things like this I sign up for tend not to get off the ground.

  3. BubbaFan says:

    I am user #24. Drat! I shoulda picked “Jack Bauer” as a user name. 😀

  4. Redsfan68 says:

    last thing i needed was to join another reds site….

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Oh! I’ll have to go over there to talk to you guys. It’s like texting a person sitting across the room from you!

  6. joanie says:

    they traded dunn and now maybe dunn. people want to see home runs win or lose. to help the team-trade the bull pen