June 1, 2007

Fun While It Lasted

I'm about to go incommunicado again, this time for a family trip to Cedar Point. I hope that you enjoyed my one day of posting as much as I did. I may have access from the hotel, but worst-case scenario you'll be hearing from me again on Monday.

In the meantime, HMZ is in charge. Be nice to him or I won't bring you back any souvenirs.

Red Hot Mama

4 comments to “Fun While It Lasted”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    And it’s shaping up to be an interesting week to which RHM will return.

    The Reds sent Bobby Livingston down and recalled Marcus McBeth, which means:

    1. Livingston can’t come back up for ten days (unless somebody goes on the DL). Which means that Livingston can’t be here to start Saturday’s game. Which means that (because of the rotation in Louisville) the prime suspects to start Saturday’s game are Victor Santos, Phil Dumatrait, and Homer Bailey.

    2. The way Salmon and Stanton each pitched during their most recent outings, maybe McBeth will actually get used in a game this time around.

    Beyond that…

    Josh Hamilton is now eligible to come off the DL. Somebody’s going to have to be moved to make room for him on the roster. Also, Coffey’s mandated ten days ends Monday and he could be called up for Tuesday’s game if the Reds so desire. Then, of course, unless they plan on starting Santos on Saturday, somebody gets called up to start that game, which means another roster move.

    Kriv-Dawg’s gonna be a busy boy this week. 🙂


  2. BubbaFan says:

    The move for Hamilton is obvious. Adios, Dewayne Wise.

    The pitching situation could be interesting. After the bullpen blew that big lead last night, there will be some reshuffling.

  3. smartelf says:

    I don’t know what more Livingston needs to do to stick around. Are we playing for this year? Doesn’t look like it. I think they know Milton and Griffey are gone in 08 and that frees up a lot of spending cash and that is when the bullpen hopefully gets addressed.

  4. sportznut5150 says:

    Hopefully todd crappy will never pitch for the cincinnati reds ever again , i thought it was stupid to send livingston back down but if homer is starting saturday it’s all good, as far as OF situation goes nothing against wise but i think he goes back to louisville and now is the time to trade the big lazy , the solo HR king and the strikeout king himself ( Brook jacoby sure made a difference NOT !!) adam dunn, trade dunn for a pitcher and then organize a posse and have them run mike stanton and stormy weathers out of town