June 4, 2007

Episode 59: What Did We Miss?

Jon, aka my beloved Crack Technical Staff, and I are finally in da house after over a week of being out of touch. Between moving and an extended week at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, we’re a little behind on the Reds news, but we recorded 20-or-so minutes of stuff for you anyway.Here’s what we talk about:

  • Majewski’s back so the bullpen’s finally fixed!
  • Livingston pitches great, so he’s sent down.
  • Hamilton’s back.
  • Bailey Saturday. Maybe? Why?
  • Here we go ’round the Central.

Episode 59: What Did We Miss? (14.6MB, 21:17)

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2 comments to “Episode 59: What Did We Miss?”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    I’d love to listen to these podcasts, but I’m on a dialup and 14.6MB takes over an hour to download. So I’ll just make a comment on the Bailey thing.

    If it’s already decided, why be coy about it all week? It’s baseball. It’s a game, not some big national security secret. They should be taking advantage of this to sell tickets by the handful. They should have had John Allen come downstairs this morning and say, “OK, everybody, Bailey’s starting for us on Saturday, the first 1000 kids through the turnstiles will get a coupon for a $1.00 hot dog besides, and you can get your tickets by lining up in front of this window right here.” Then point to the appropriate window and go back upstairs.

    Unless there’s some obscure rule I don’t know about that forbids announcing a starting pitcher who’s not on the roster yet, I’ve got to think somebody (maybe lots of somebodies) in marketing is just not paying attention here.

  2. BubbaFan says:

    It sounds like they had trouble deciding when Bailey was pitching. He told all his friends and family Saturday, then had to call them back in the middle of the night to tell them it had been changed to Friday.