October 3, 2007

Cardinals Fire GM; No Word on Reds Following Suit

Press release out of Cardinal country:

ST. LOUIS — Bill DeWitt Jr., chairman of the board and general partner of the St. Louis Cardinals, today announced that the team is parting ways with senior vice president and general manager Walt Jocketty.”Walt will be remembered as the Cardinals’ GM during one of the most successful and memorable periods in team history, and we will always be extremely grateful for his contributions to our many triumphs over the past 13 seasons,” DeWitt said. “It is now time to move forward with an undivided vision and purpose that is consistent with the St. Louis Cardinals philosophy of building and operating the best top-to-bottom organization in baseball.”

DeWitt today named John Mozeliak as interim general manager. Mozeliak recently completed his fifth season as the Cardinals assistant general manager.

The Cardinals will immediately conduct a search for the club’s new general manager and honor the remaining terms of their contract with Jocketty, who was hired by the Cardinals in October 1994. Jocketty helped build Cardinals teams that won seven division titles, two National League crowns and the 2006 World Series championship.

“The Cardinals and Walt Jocketty are turning the page today with mutual admiration and appreciation for each other,” DeWitt said. “Today’s news does not come without disappointment and regret. But it also comes with great opportunity, and with that we will immediately begin our search for the new general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.”

Tough crowd: did they expect him to win the World Series every year? I wonder how this will affect Tony LaRussa’s decision to stay with the team. I wonder how it will affect Bob Castellini’s criteria on what makes a good GM.

3 comments to “Cardinals Fire GM; No Word on Reds Following Suit”

  1. Hamk says:

    I no longer think that LaRussa will go back to the Cards.
    The only chance of that is that the need to be with the
    pitching coatch Duncen is more that knowing where the New GM
    stands and what kinds of players he will have to work with.
    The way the replacement at the moment believes in the
    Money Ball theiry. Based on that they will let Eck go as well. One
    of LaRussa’s favorite players. I do not see anything good coming
    out of theis for the Cards.

    😀 I would love to see that treeo come to Cincinnati though.
    When Jocketty took over the cards they were in worse shape
    than the Reds. You may not like LaRussa but he is a proven winner.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    There’s already been lots of upheaval in the NLC this season with half of the GMs in the division losing their jobs. Certainly the Reds will at least entertain new managers and LaRussa’s contract is up.

    BTW, I don’t have any problem with the idea of cannibalizing another NLC manager by bringing LaRussa aboard. (Dusty Baker, though, that one I’m against.)

    In fact, perhaps all of the teams out to hire each other’s ex-GMs. I’d love to see what Littlefield could do with the Astros.

  3. Hamk says:

    The may not like LaRussa was not amed at you Hot Mama but was a in general use for anyone who may not.

    By the way I love how The D-Backs beat the Cubs in game one and though 2 innings are doing it again. 😉