October 13, 2007

Morgan Says Dusty Baker’s Aboard in Cincy

Just got a text message from a sympathetic Cubs fan who says that he just heard Joe Morgan say on ESPN that the Reds have signed Dusty Baker to be their manager next season.

If anyone has a corroborating source, I’d love to hear about it. And to start crying.

UPDATE 11:09 pm
Thanks, Zeldink, for the link:

Dusty Baker has agreed to a three-year deal to manage the Cincinnati Reds, beginning with the upcoming season, ESPN has learned.Baker, a former Cubs and Giants manager and current ESPN analyst, will continue to work with ESPN through this season’s League Championship Series and World Series.

Baker is expected to be introduced at a news conference in Cincinnati on Monday.

With so many managers still in flux–Larussa, Torre, etc.–is there really any reason to make this decision before the postseason is even over? Even if your GM has a long history of jumping the gun?

My irritation over this issue is significant. Podcast soon to come.

17 comments to “Morgan Says Dusty Baker’s Aboard in Cincy”

  1. Zeldink says:

    OMG! Here’s the ESPN story.

    It says it’s a three year deal. I’ve never hoped for ESPN to be more wrong.

    If this is true, it really cements Krivsky’s status in my mind as a fucktard.

  2. smartelf says:

    Ok, before we become unhinged lets remember this guy at least has world series experience, which cannot be said about any of our managers in recent times. Furthermore the one criticism was that he rode Prior and Wood too hard… yet can it be doubted that Narron/Meckanin didn’t let Harang and Arroyo go well beyond 110 pitches? That is already par for the course around here. baker has had some good seasons and possibly he just needed some time to reflect and relax to get back to it. He is better than a minor leaguer or a guy with zero experience, which is too much of a crapshoot. Let’s see what he says and what he can do before we get bent outta shape.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    No. “It’s not as bad as it could be” is NOT a good enough answer.

  4. smartelf says:

    huh? who said that? No, I am optimistic I truly am. I see many fine seasons under his belt according to baseball-reference. His last season was a witch hunt he was under heavy fire from the Chicago media right outta the gate. If Bartman doesn;t interfere his team is in the world series which would have made him legendary. Cubs fans are just bitter cause they will probably have to wait 150 years to get that close again.
    I want to see what he says about our club and how he asseses the talent we have, and what influence he has — if any– in maybe fixing the roster, by which of course I mean the bullpen.

  5. Hamk says:

    I will lead a prade of Jocketty but kill me if Baker comes 😥 😥 😥

    I fear for Herang, Bailey, cuato and all other pitchers lives.
    remeber wood and prier
    They could have been great but they were pitched to death.

    and why only intaview 3 people in baker, Greardu and Brently.
    Not even Mc Canen

  6. Zeldink says:

    It makes very little sense to do this now. I was very upset at first, but an hour and a half later hasn’t made it seem any better. I’m still struggling to find anything to be optimistic about.

  7. smartelf says:

    Well, the one thing I wanted was a manager that could get everyone united and behind him 100%… clearly that will never be the case in this situation, so for that I am disappointed. Still, I think it is way too premature for people to be griping… of course Cubs fans have nothing but negatives to say.. that is why they are Cubs fans… the guy was so close to bringing them to the promised land… and as for Wood’s arm, he had issues way before Dusty came along. Prior is a different story, but that guy has been a headcase the last couple of yrs so I don’t know what to make of him. Harang and Arroyo are veteran enough to say when they are gassed and when they aren;t, they won’t allow themselves to be abused.. and Bailey may very well have a mandatory pitch count as predicated by the GM or pitching coach… so again why start projecting negatives before they even happen? Well I know we aer all very negative because of failing to make a decent playoff run, so I do understand the negativity… but I think usty deserves a clean slate from us. Start bitching when you have something concrete to bitch about. Prior and Wood is not our problem, at least not anymore.

  8. Red Hot Mama says:

    Regardless of how Baker does–even if he’s a total savior–it doesn’t excuse the Reds for not going through the manager interview process like they PROMISED they would.

    Larussa hasn’t even made his call on whether he’s going back to the Cardinals. Mackannin hasn’t even gotten a chance to talk. The Reds made a commitment to their fanbase, but they have so little respect for us that they didn’t even pretend to follow through on it.

    The question of whether Baker is going to do a good job is irrelevant. There is no defense for what the Reds have done.

  9. smartelf says:

    Why would Meckanin require an interview when he’s been working with Krivsky the past several months? What more could he possibly say in an interview that hasn’t already been said? remember hearing he would be considered, but what is the point of an interview other than to disclose to the media that he is in the running? Also, how do we know who has been spoken to and who hasn’t? Krivsky hasn’t announced every candidate formerly, we have no idea how many people he considered or interviewed privately or over the phone or whatever. Perhaps you are angry by his style of keeping us in the dark. O’Brien was the same way. Most GMs are… I think in the major media markets they can’t get away with it as much because they get hounded by the various writers… its not just one newspaper, its like 5 of em competing for the headline so its hard to do things in the dark.

    Anyhow, this is all conjecture. No idea what happened how the process worked, and I am sure that will be answered at the press conference on Monday. We might be surprised by what we hear and how much work went into this.

  10. otto says:

    From the glass-is-half-full department, I’m glad they have a manager with a 3-year contract… stability in that position is going to help significantly…

  11. smartelf says:

    Hmmm, word is this is mainly Castellini’s hiring NOT Krivsky’s.. that is kind of unusual. I wonder if this is a way of protecting Krivsky or if its the actual truth. Krivsky is under heavy fire so maybe they spin this to make it look like it was Bob’s hiring, or maybe it really was, but that would be hard to believe and means Krivsky is losing power in the F.O. Now I am really looking forward to the press conference.

  12. Tonker says:

    Hey everyone, Tonker here from Goatriders.org… Your scathing comments about Cubs fans aside, believe me, you don’t want Dusty as your manager. Yes, he rides his pitchers too hard, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Given the choice between a talented youngster and a (s)crappy vet, he will always choose the latter. The veteran has earned it, dude – he’s all about getting his senior players their bonuses, regardless of how they’re playing.

    He doesn’t understand reverse splits, or sac bunts, hit-and-runs or squeeze plays and especially not double switches – and yes, he really did say that walks just clog the bases. God knows what he’s going to make of Dunn.

    Dusty will never call out a player (other than rookies) who’s dogging it or underperforming, even when they’re crying out for it. As a result, his senior players know they can get away with murder if they’re so inclined, and some of them will be.

    Dusty is a small-minded, blinkered, dogmatic, ignorant SOB and if he has any success at the GAP, it will be despite his best efforts, not because of them. Come back to me in two years and tell me I’m wrong. I’m sorry for the Reds, but delighted for the Cubs because it just got much easier to win against Cincinatti. Best of luck, all of you. Do yourselves a favour and run Dusty out of town as soon as you can.


  13. smartelf says:

    Again the evidence isn’t there: How do you explain Joe Borrowski as your closer, a pitching staff of youngsters, Matt Murton starting in left field as a rookie. WHo are these rookies who rode the pine in lieu of aging vets? He doesn’t understand a sac bunt? I find that impossible to believe.

  14. otto says:

    I’m sorry for the Reds, but delighted for the Cubs because it just got much easier to win against Cincinatti.

    Still tough to spell it though.

    Those dang Shicago fans.

  15. Tonker says:

    I’d just like to say…

    I told you so.

    Read my original comment again, and tell me which parts of it you disagree with now.

  16. Red Hot Mama says:

    Thanks for coming by, Tonker. Unfortunately, all the Dusty Baker supporters have chosen the ability to be invisible over the ability to fly and don’t comment these days.

  17. rob johnson says:

    I have never seen a manager lose a team or not try to put any sort of fear into them like dusty baker , I was a dusty kool-aid drinker when the season began and now i’m BEGGING jocketty PLEASE HIRE A MANAGER !!!