October 25, 2007

Reds Continue to Employ Dusty Baker

Almost two weeks after hiring Dusty Baker for the position of losing manager, they continue to employ him. Apparently they can’t see that it is only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, Baker is not hiring an entirely new cast of characters for his management team, citing the desire to keep some consistency:

There will be continuity on the Reds coaching staff heading into the 2008 season.Dusty, Bob, and Kriv-dawg

That was new manager Dusty Baker’s desire upon taking over on Monday and it was reflected in the choices the club announced on Thursday.

Third-base coach Mark Berry, first-base coach Billy Hatcher, hitting coach Brook Jacoby, pitching coach Dick Pole and bullpen catcher Mike Stefanski were offered contracts next season. Longtime bullpen coach Tom Hume was not offered a spot on the Baker staff.

Bench coach Pat Kelly, who came aboard when Pete Mackanin took over as interim manager July 3, will return to his previous position as manager of the organization’s Gulf Coast League affiliate in Sarasota as director of Florida on-field operations.

At first blush, this seems like a really good idea. Consistency can only be a good thing, right? Until you start to think about how horribly, horribly consistent the Reds have been for the last seven years.

1 comment to “Reds Continue to Employ Dusty Baker”

  1. rob johnson says:

    I’m taking a big wait and see on dusty baker , i’m waiting how he handles homer , cuerto and maloney and hopefully he won’t bring a bunch of over the hill guys to take spots away from votto , hamilton , hopper and edwin