February 25, 2008

Episode 91: Fantasy Advice with MLB Front Office

MLB Front OfficeThis week on the podcast we talk fantasy baseball with Brad Stewart of MLB Front Office. I’m no fantasy expert, but the advice he gives sounds pretty sound, and the breadth of information available on the site sure couldn’t hurt your extensive baseball research time.

Dusty Baker should stop talking

Prince Fielder is a Vegetarian?

  • “I tell people I don’t eat meat, and they’re like, ‘Oh!'” Fielder said, raising his hands and making a sour face. “They forget there’s so much other food out there. Beans, rice, tofu. You’ve got a lot of good food, baby!”
  • Fielder made the decision to cut out meat after reading a bestselling book, Skinny Bitch.

The Cubs Mark DeRosa is undergoing heart tests

The Pirates signed Byung-Hyun Kim

  • A $1 M Major League deal.
  • Ray Olmedo DFA’d to make room.

The Astros signed Shawn Chacon to help with their rotation

The Cardinals signed Ron Villone.

Cincinnati signed Josh Fogg.

Joe Nuxhall didn’t win the Ford C. Frick Hall of Fame award

2 comments to “Episode 91: Fantasy Advice with MLB Front Office”

  1. Steve says:

    I’m guessing he means WHIP instead of OBP. Simple slip of the tounge I would imagine.

  2. BubbaFan says:

    Prince Fielder read Skinny Bitch? You gotta be kidding me. That doesn’t seem like the kind of book a guy would read. 😀

    Me, I’m kind of going the other way. I just read Good Calories, Bad Calories, which argues that it’s not meat or fat that’s bad for you; it’s carbohydrates that make you fat, cause diabetes and cancer, etc. Especially simple carbs like sugar, white flour, and white rice. (And no, the author is not an Atkins nut or anything. He’s a very well-respected science journalist.)

    It sounds like the Pirates are hoping to keep Little Ray Ray, even though they DFA’d him.