October 21, 2008

Cubs Reward Sucking; Extend GM Hendry

Jim HendryThe Chicago Cubs rewarded the success of General Manager Jim Hendry this week by signing him to a 4-year extension. That will keep him guiding Cubby blue through 2012.

I’ve always felt that Hendry is, at best, a mediocre GM. The albatross of a contract he gave Alfonso Soriano is already being regretted. His results are impressive, though: 3 post-season appearances in 6 years on the job. That’s good for any baseball team. For the Cubs, it’s unbelievable.

Still, extending Hendry immediately following the Cubs 9th straight loss in the playoffs is a move that brings its fair share of chuckles in the RHM household. Maybe Hendry will improve his post-season record before 2012. It wouldn’t take much.

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