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January 19, 2009

Dear World Baseball Classic,

How’s it going, World Baseball Classic? I guess you’re getting ready to do your thing and try to bring a little baseball goodness to the dreary winter months. That’s really nice of you.

Thing is–and I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you this–no one cares. I mean, I guess I can’t actually speak for everyone in the world, but no one I know cares. Maybe someone in Venezuela cares, assuming they aren’t too busy getting Lasik eye surgery.

So, if you could stop sending me emails telling me that tickets are on sale, I’d appreciate it. It makes you seem kinda, ya know, desperate and pathetic.

Red Hot Mama

January 19, 2009

ESPN Thinks Chris Duncan’s a Girl

When Clearly It’s Brad Thompson

I was reading this ESPN article about the Cardinals crowded outfield when I stumbled over this sentence.

Chris Duncan appears ready to reclaim playing time coming off cervical surgery.

Wait, what? Doesn’t one need a cervix to have surgery performed on it?

January 15, 2009

Reds Spring Training 2-Day Packs On Sale Now

Reds 2-game packs for spring training games went on sale on Saturday, and I gotta say, this is a *brilliant* racket they’ve got going on. Bundle up tix to your impossible-to-get-into-games with tix to your can’t-give-em-away games and how can you go wrong?

Just take a look at these awesome combinations:
1: Twins and Phillies (not sure what that one’s about)
2: Yankees and Pirates
3: Red Sox and Pirates
4: Blue Jays and Red Sox
5: Yankees and Pirates

All those Pirates games are going to sell out, but no one’s actually going to be at them, since 90% of the tickets will have been purchased by Yankees or Red Sox fans.

They may also be empty due to this little confusion gem:
Daylight time starts March 8
Daylight time starts March 8, folks!

January 9, 2009

Women in Baseball: Tatiana Tchamouroff

Tatiana Tchamouroff is a massage therapist who battled her way past preconceived notions about the benefits of massage therapy and gender stereotypes about women in massage therapy to land a trusted and influential role with many MLB players and teams. I’d say it’s a story with a happy ending, but I bet she hears that one all the time.

Check it out at We’ve Got Heart.

January 3, 2009

And the Colts Go Down

Apparently everything is against the rules if you’re Indianapolis in overtime. And what a genius overtime setup they have in place there, too. I think that baseball should adopt the “first to score in extra innings” policy. I bet that would be a real improvement to the baseball experience.

For the Colts, I’m only a fair-weather fan. I’m set up for enough sports disappointment already with the Reds without casting in my lot with anyone else who isn’t already on a hot streak. But even so, this sucks. Mostly because, even though they won’t be playing anymore, I’ll still have to put up with all the football bullshit for the next two months. Damn, will spring training never arrive??