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April 1, 2009

Win One For The Kepper No Longer To Be Heard In Cincy

Not That It Ever Was

The Cincinnati Reds and the Houston Astros have hooked up. The Reds didn’t have a spot for utility man Jeff Keppinger, while the Astros have a soft spot for light-hitting, injury-prone middle infielders. Let’s see if they can collect the entire set!

Keppinger will likely be platooning with Geoff Blum at third base for the Astros, taking the role of former Red Aaron Boone. The Reds will receive the always-awesome “Player To Be Named Later” who is unlikely to play any position for the year.

For the Reds, this means they must think either Alex Gonzalez is healthy enough to be trusted at shortstop or that Adam Rosales or Paul Janish can do the job. Or maybe Kepp made one too many pointed jabs at manager Dusty Baker’s “managerial” skills.