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April 5, 2011

Reds Payroll Up a Spot

The USA Today released the opening day payrolls for all major league baseball clubs today. The Cincinnati Reds’ payroll of $75,947,134 sits comfortably at 19th (out of 32), one spot up from 20th last year.

As John Fay notes, the Reds have set a club record this year.

The Reds’ overall payroll is $75.9 million, the most in club history. The previous high was $74.1 million in 2008.

The Reds place in their own division is also in the bottom half at 4th. The Chicago Cubs are first with $125,047,329, while the Pittsburgh Pirates are last with $45,047,000.

The NL Central table is below.

# Team Payroll Avg. Salary
1 Chicago Cubs $125,047,329 $5,001,893
2 St. Louis Cardinals $105,433,572 $3,904,947
3 Milwaukee Brewers $85,497,333 $2,849,911
4 Cincinnati Reds $75,947,134 $2,531,571
5 Houston Astros $70,694,000 $2,437,724
6 Pittsburgh Pirates $45,047,000 $1,553,344