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April 27, 2011

Griffey the third making his football bid

The Kid and the Kid's KidHow, after all these years, did I not realize that “Trey” was a reference to “three”? #Duh

Dr. Saturday, a BCS blog on Yahoo.com, talked a little about “The Kid’s Kid” last week, specifically regarding his (so far, largely unsuccessful) efforts to land at a prestigious football college:

The football scouts have been somewhat less impressed: Griffey’s only Division I offer to date is from Florida International, though a few heavier hitters seem to have shown some serious interest, and he hopes a transfer to a more high-profile program.

There’s a video with Trey that you might like to click over and check out.

No word yet on David Weathers’ son who so impressed the world as a surprisingly skilled 6-year old. He must be almost to middle school by now, so you’ll want to keep your eyes open for that one.