May 7, 2014

Has Walt Jocketty given up?

Jocketty scowls while thinking about doing his job.

Jocketty scowls while thinking about doing his job.

Yesterday before the Cincinnati Reds lost to the Boston Red Sox in extra innings, Mark Sheldon interviewed so-called General Manager Walt Jocketty about Billy Hamilton.

Team doctor Tim Kremcheck had checked on Hamilton earlier.

“He looked at him and he’s shown some improvement but he’s still the proverbial day-to-day,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty said.

Hamilton had failed in an attempt to swing a bat earlier in the day, having it drop from his hands due to the pain from his swollen knuckles. Sounds like a guy who should be on the disabled list, right?

“Not yet,” Jocketty said. “I don’t know who we’d replace him with.

Really? The GM of the Reds has no ideas on who to replace an injured player with. This quote is so ridiculous that I can’t even. Jocketty’s job is such that he should always be ready. This shows that he’s either unprepared or incompetent.

Or perhaps he’s simply given up on the Reds entirely. That would explain Jocketty’s inaction for the last year.

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