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November 11, 2005

Baseball Stuff

Adam DunnAdam Dunn plays left field for the Reds, plus occasional stints at first. There's constantly talk of moving Dunn to first base permanently to add some power at that position and to make room in the outfield for this outfielder-rich organization. The club officially made him the first baseman after trading Sean Casey in December 2005, but moved him back to left field after acquiring Scott Hatteberg a couple months later.

As a hitter, Dunn hits home runs, walks, and strikes out. A lot. It's actually kind of startling to see him do anything else. Rumor has it that he's a fast baserunner, but it doesn't seem like he does much baserunning, what with his three outcomes and all.

There was a huge to-do in 2005 when something like two years passed since Dunn had hit his last sacrifice fly. Dunn's supporters said it was stupid because Dunn's sac flies went over the wall. Dunn's detractors said it was relevant because Dunn's sac flies were strike outs. Dunn hit his first sacrifice fly of 2006 on Opening Day and his second one less than a week later, and that fact generated almost as much press as the draught did.

In the field, Dunn looks slow. Some of his staunch supporters (and there are A LOT of those) will tell you that he's actually quite fast and only looks slow because he's so large. I don't know about that: he looks like a slacker to me, especially if the game is already out of reach. However, he did once blow a bubble while diving for a ball in left field, so he's got to get a bunch of points for that.

And that's all I'm going to say about that because the JockBios site that's listed in the references already has the best, most complete biography of Adam Dunn ever, so I'll just do a little slacking myself and provide the link.

Also, head over to JinAZ's Better Know a Red profile of Adam Dunn to get the stat-side of the story.