November 1, 2006

Episode 29: Grogginess Sets In

Just as the grim reality of baseball being done for another year settles its cold weight upon the world, the grim reality of not getting enough sleep has settled on the RHM household. And, alas, it shows in episode 29 of the podcast. Hopefully the Crack Technical Staff is able to edit out at least some of the long pauses where we tuned out, staring into space, for moments of sleeping wakefulness. Or waking sleepfulness.

I'm still tired even now. You can tell, can't you?

This week we talk about:

  • THE WORLD SERIES — Cardinals won. Ugh.
  • THE NEW RADIO GUY — Jeff Brantley officially hired to be new color guy. He's not exactly colorful though, is he?
  • REDSFEST — Even though it's still a month away, it's the biggest thing in Reds' news since Rich Aurilia filing for free agency.
  • FREE AGENTS — Rich Aurilia filed for free agency. So did about everyone.
  • PITCHING COACH — The Reds are exploring several options, some with very pun-worthy names.
  • STRANGE AND FUNNY — Baseball news that's a little off-kilter.

Episode 29: Grogginess Sets In (17.1 MB, 24:58)

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